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Thursday, March 5, 2015

[Mixtape] DJ PRINCE PAUL - "It's Not The Size Of Your Mix That Matters, It's How You Use It"

One of the main reason Prince Paul is such a damn good producer, and especially why he's such good at knowing when incorporating skits and who will sound good together, is because he's such an extremely ill DJ. In fact I'd go as far as to say that '90% of the best producers are also DJ:s, there are exceptions but having that DJ ear makes you know what works and what does not in a crowd setting and so on. But enough of that, Prince Paul posted Part One and Part Two of this featuring music that's pretty damn rare, that he want to put some exposure on (meaning the mix is actually new). The DJ mix set is called "It's Not The Size of Your Mix That Matters, It's How You Use it" and the 90 minutes set is uploaded in two parts to Paul's official Soundcloud page. Spotted @ EgotripLand, peace!

[Album] GRAND DADDY I.U. - "PIMP (Paper is My Priority)"

It's a true fucking shame the way Grand Daddy I.U.'s career has been handled. In 1990 the Stroong Island spitter and producer released his debbut albbum on Cold Chillin, ""Smooth Assassin", that to this day is viewed as one of the lost Cold Chillin' Classics of the late '80s/early 90s. After another album on C.C. in 1994 and an intense guest verse on Big L's "Da Graveyard" he kind of faded into obscurity until 2006s when he came back with "Stick 2 The Script", a stellar LP featuring real ass lyrics over beats by Grand Daddy IU himself (who's a very skilled producer in his own right), Large Pro, DJ Dooom, Marco Polo, Chucky Madness and Lotto. More recently he gave a lassting impression on Diamond D's recent "The Diaam Pieece" LP on the single/video "The Game".

Now I.U. has completed another album that he just released on our asses called "P.I.M.P. (Paper is My Priority)". I'm in the midst of listening to it right now, but this is fucking serious, for a quick eexample take a listen to the single/video "Suasquatch Feet" above, produced by GWop Sullivan.. This track is really, really dope - I.U. really got some thing on his mind and it he does it straight from the heart. The booming beats, turntable work, beauituful trumpet and the piano keys samples makes this a real winner. And as far as I'm hearing at this moment (I've bumped about half by now, ni skips) the entire album is in the same vein, Grand Daddy I.U. is the true definition of a  low-key legend, been doing great music for more than 25 years, inspired countless commercially more succesfull artists (including Nas and Jay-Z) yet only real music conniseours even know the name, But what the hell, at least he got a loyal fan bse, just wish it was bigger.

So far the album is available for digital HQ purchase and free streaming (which you'll find below), but will also be released on CD and limited golden cassette via RedLineMusicDistribution on March 17. The vast majority of the 20 track set is produced by the artist himself, with very few exceptiions, the aforementioned single "My Neck Of The Woods" is done by BLUNT; the intro is a Marco Polo banger; and finally ´"Sasquatch Feet" were produced by GWop Sullivan. This album is a real banger so don't sleep when it actually does drop - e.g. from UGHH. Also head over to for more albums, mixtapes, music and info. Salute!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[DJ Mix] DJ REVOLUTION - RAKIM Tribute @ Wake Up Show

Damn, it feels good being back and updating like crazy, catching up on all the gems I've been missing onsince I barely even checked my mail for a week. This hit the net eight days ago (though t was recorded in 2014) but as The God MC only makes purely timeless music that should be obligatory listening for anyone that dare to call him-or herself a hip-hop fanati. The fast fingered legend DJ Revolution took hold of the turntables on The Wake Up Show and kicked off a masterful 30 minutes deep tribute to The 18th Letter. While any self-respectiing  hip-hop head should be very familiar with these jams it's a great mix, and if you against all odds ain't that familiar with Ra's work it's a perfect introduction to the man and his work. A majority of the selections comes from the Eric B. & Rakim albums but there's joints spanning all the way to ... TURN IT UP!!

[EP] AUDIBLE DOCTOR - "Can't Keep The People Waiting"

If you ask me I'd be quick to say that The Audible Doctor is one of the absolutely most interesting young producers  out right now. He got a sound of his own, without ever letting the hip-hop purists down, which is a feat in itself. And on top of that he's slowly but surely building up a pretty damn impressive catalouge, both as a solo artist and through albums with legends like Onyx's Fredro Starr. With each release he has really grown on the microphone as well and it has been a blessing following his career.

His latest release is called "Can't Keep The People Waiting" and was first released a couple of months ago as a diigital download only. Produced entirely by Audible Doctor, the records which switches betweem agressive synths, knockout drum programming, longing vocal samples and smoother songs which together gives the project a very nice balance, is now finally being rleeased on vinyl. You can purchase the lmited vinyl right now @ Fat Beats, but once they are out they are gone. so HURRY UP AND BUY! Joining the good ol' Doctor on the mifrophone is Bumpy Knuckles, Astro, Guilty Simpson, Hasaan Mackey, Consequence, and John Tired. The EP also weaves together songs through warm soulful instrumental interludes, something I always had a big thing for this type of projects. Oh and on a related note, Aud Doc just revealed that he's soon finished with "The Spring Tape" and if you've been following this blog you know I went fucking bonkers over those seasoned themed EP:s. Stay tuned for more info as it unfolds!


As I was just visiting Marvelous Mag's Soundcloud page to embed his new single "Trouble" (see below), it turns out he also uploaded another new cut called "Roberta" that is just as ill to say the least. I'm really a sucker for anything FlyLo right now so seeing that he produced this was a very nice suprise. Beside Tha Connection (Hus Kingpin / SmooVth) the song also packs a 16 from femcee Asian J. I can dig it!


Both Tha Connection members joins the equally ill New York hardcore hip-hop conisseour Marvelous Mag on his new single "Trouble". Digi Crates keep on winning!


I don't really know who OoWopTheDon and Kima Rocel are but a track with both Tragedy Khadafi and Sean Price obviously equals an automatic press play moment. The track is produced by Cooler Ruler Divine and features several recognizable cameos, including Royal Flush, FT and Joe Fatal. Will be interesting to see where this ends up.

[Album] CANNIBAL OX - "Blade Of The Ronin"

Yes this has been out for a whole week now but I'm not gonna be the guy that didn't post the follow-up album to one of my all time favorites. 2001:s "The Cold Vein" still stands as one of the bigget and most mindblowing projects ever crated in hip-hop, on level with albums like Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew", Sly & The Family Stone "There's A Riot Goin' On", Velvet Underground & Nico's self-titled debut, The Beatles' "Revolver", you get the drill. To me it's by far El-P's best work ever and I doubt he will ever be able to top it, and Vordul and Vast was such a fresh duo that fed so well off each other's energy. While they have ocassionally made guest apperances on each respective solo albums (if you haven't checked out Vordul's solo catalouge, your doing yourself a huge disfavor) until in 2011 they finally released the first new release under the Cannibal Ox name. A three track EP entirely produced by BILL COSMIQ, who delivered a melodic yet thumping sound that was a new sound for the OX, yet also a right sound. 

Two of the songs from the "Gotham" EP also appears on "Blade Of The Ronin", and the majority of the album is prodicued by BILL COSMIQ, which I like since I'm a fan of albums where the producer and artists works extremely closely and evolve the sounds and vibes of the records together. The only song not made in this fashion is the extraordinary single and posse cut with U-GOD and The Artifacts, "Blade: The Art Of Ox", which is produced by the always interesting Black Milk. So here we are, 14 years after I and many of us fell deeply in love with "The Cold Vein" about to press play on their first official sophomore, no bootlegs, no bullshit, no solos with features, 100% pure OX - today was a good day! Visit, head over to iTunes and purchase or get your CD from UGHH (haven't heard anything about a vinyl release yet unfortunately).

[Mixtape] BLU x MED x DJ ROMES - "Bad Neighbor Tour CD"

Heavily skilled DJ Romes (of Lootpack fame) has put in a lot of work with especially Oh No, MED and other Stones Throw alumnis over the years so you can count on him knowing how to put together an ill mix. This little mix was done specificially to celebrate last years one month long tour that Blu and MED did together, two interesting West Coast artists. Though the mixtape is light on new material (which doesn't mean that they aren't at least a few brand new joints), it's a very good listen as it features remixes and a load of collaborations between this dynamic duo recorded and/or released between 2009 and 2014. Enjoy!

[Video] WILLIE THE KID - "Sweet Sorrow"

7 years ago who would have thought that Willie The Kid would be the more prolific artist of the emcee brothers that also includes LA The Darkman (responsible for the low-key classic "Heist Of The Century" and not much more). In early 2014 WTK teamed up with Wu Elementz producer and one time Apollo Brown teacher Bronze Nazareth for the mindblowingly booming "The Living Daylights". Hurry up and get a scoop of the flavor @ iTunes.

[Live] GZA w. TOM MORELLO & THE ROOTS - "The Mexican"

When I was about to post this I just realized that I never posted the studio version of this so you'll find this at the bottom as well. "The Mexican" is the new solo single by GZA/Genius which features rock god Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine / Audioslave) on guitar. The track samples heavily from the classic Babe Ruth single of the same name (man I love that tune), and when it was performed on Jimmy Fallon last night GZA and Tom Morello gave a blazing performace backed up by the legendary The Roots crew. Oh, the song will not be on The Genius' upcoming next album "Dark Matter" but at the beginning of the video you can see Fallon holding up a 12" so at least it will be available on wax.


L'ORANGE & JEREMIAH JAE - "Taken By The Night"

Some beautiful jazzy piano driven ish produced by L'Orange for emcee Jeremiah Jae. These two are currently working on an album for Mello Music Group that will be released on April 21, carrying the title "The Night Took Us In Like Family". Tracklist and pre-order @ iTunes. On a side note, check out this heavy hitting Flying Lotus produced banger by Jeremiah Jae - "Cat Fight".

eMC - "Fly Thoughts"

eMC is back with a new single called "Fly Thoughts" and it is really, really sick. I love the smooth vibe of this; that beautiful bass line, the melancholic piano line and knocking drums concocted by Kic Beats together with Strick, Punchline, Wordsworth and an especially outstanding verse from Masta Ace really makes this one a standout. Not sure about the hook courtesy of Pearl Gates, I could probably do with or without so it's whatever. I'm hyped for "The Tonite Show" which drops on May 5.

[Out Now] AYATOLLAH - "Who Is My Soul Brother?"

I remember when I first heard Ayatollah, or DJ Kool G as I think he was credited as then, on Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Booty" and was just blown away on all levels. I mean it was absolutely ridicilous how the soul just poured out of this man's sampler and since then he has rarely dissapointed me to this day. Any time I see his name in the linear notes I know that he's likely to have one of the hottest joints on the project. From his early days with Rawkus, he has released albums on Nature Sounds, Elementality, Green Streets Entertainment, his own 'Tollah Music, and now he has hooked up with Day By Day Entertainment. The result is a 13 track instrumental album titled "Who is My Soul Brother?". As for now it's a digital release only, so purchase it over @ iTunes. It is also available via Spotify so if you are a registered user (and if you are not, what's your excuse?) you can stream the album in full below.

01. "While You Run The Street"
02. "Duppy Connquer"
03. "Rich & Black"
04. "Girl, You're My Everything"
05. "The Battle Of The Locusts"
06. "Hold Yourself Together, Aight B"
07. "In The Summertime"
08. ""Lock The Pain Up"
09. "Alex"
10. "The Microphone"
11. "The Power Of Christ That Compels You"
12. "Have You Seen Wendee"
13. "Now's The Fucking Time" [Explicit]



[Album] DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Strictly Weapons"

When MF Grimm announced that he had teamed up to form a duo with producer Drasar Monumental the latter name was completely new to me. Having now released three projects together, there's no question that they are a match made in hip hop heaven and Drasar Monumental is a straight up incredible beat wizard and DJ. I love how each of the respective records are sonic masterpieces in such a cinematic way that they need to be heard from front-to-back (even taking it so far as the CDs and retail downloads comes as one track containing the entire album or EP). It's a fresh concept, and Drasar never allow the listener to get bored as he's constantly introducing new thematic changes in his music, adding skits, beat switches, and INTENSE drum programming. It's a restless production style to say the least, something that might have something to do with his love for punk rock that he told me about in my interview last year.

Besides his work with Grimm, D has also released some stellar mixtapes, remix albums and so on. One of the earliest of these projects are "Strictly Weapons", a 10 songs deep remix tape, of Mr. Monumental's takes on hip-hop classics by Lord Finesse, M.O.P., Onyx and Nas amongst others. As if that wasn't enough in 2010 he also created a full-length Mobb Deep remix LP called "Remix Weaponry". I might very well have posted that before, but either way it's very interesting to hear these two tapes in light of his evolvement to one of last years absolute best albums. Be sure to head over and visit VendettaVinylVietnam where you can buy all that great music from Grimm and D. Don't sleep because this is limited stuff guys and it's definitely something you need in your collection.