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Friday, October 31, 2014


Before hooking up as a duo around 2002, Sean C was a member of The Vinyl Reanimators and The X-Men, producing classic underground singles for MF Grimm, Call O' Da Wild, E-Bros (remember that insane jam "Funky Piano", yup he was behind that one), Edo G, Smif-N-Wessun, and Big Pun. But it was when he hooked up with LV and The Hitmen that really made a name for themeselves, The Hitmen hadn't been exciting since Easy Mo Bee and Carlos Broady & Nashem Myrick left, and here these two were now, making modern masterpieces that often worked both on a street and a club level.  Which reminds me, Chris we need to make that Sean C / LV comp happen real soon haha!

Last year they released their first project under own name, "Loud Dreams Vol. 1" which featured a few bangers by Raekwon but was overall not all that exciting. That they ditched this Money Making Jam Boys posse cut in favor for lots of other songs is just beyond me, because this is is an ill '80s hip-hop vibe thiing and Black Thought went in with pure murder on his mind. But what else is new right?

NAS - "The Season"

Damn it feels so good to hear some new Nas on the serious solo tip again; "Life is Good" might very well be my favorite Nas album behind his first two. I have a strong feeling that "The Season" will not appear on the next Nasty project but rather that Mass Appeal Records compilation we're all been waiting for. The beautiful beat Mr. Jones is rocking is of course Jay Dee/Dilla's "Gobstopper" from 2005:s "Donuts" but I'm sure as hell ain't gonna write produced by J Dilla, because he didn't produce it. He did all the music and beats for it, sure thing, but he didn't produce it. Hip-hop folks have a kind of twisted sense of what a record producer is at times - this should probably say "Produced and mixed by Nas, Music and beats by J Dilla" or something like that. Can't front though - have we ever heard Nas and Dilla together before, definitely two of my all time favorites.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Video] EDO.G - "Listen" (fFt. G-Dot & Born)

If you haven't heard legendary Boston emcee Edo G's latest full-length LP "After All These Years" you're really doing a diservice to yourself. With the concept lthat less is more "...All These Years" is an excellent album that is perhaps Edo's finest since "My Own Worst Enemey". The guest emcees are kept to a minimum; Guilty Simpson, Camp Lo, King Magnetic, G-Dot & Born, The Mighty Chuck D and a beauiful joint with his Special Teamz crew. Production wise you got Pete Rock (for three tracks none the less), Vanderslice, 9th Wonder, Marco Polo, Xplcit One, and more. The soulful "Listen" as you hear above are produced by Jas Productions. I can't recommend this album strongly enough and it's available on wax, CD and cassette so HURRY UP and BUY!


NahRight just premiered thiis mindblowingly smooth jazz banger featuring the always underrated Milano with Tha Connection's excellent Hu Kingpin and SmooVth and they sound absoutely brilliant over this monster of a beat, supplied by DJ Premier none the less. It's possible it's an older beat alá "Beatss That Collected Dust" (Sol. 1 or 2) but as long as it's this dope who gives  a fruck.


The Soundsci crew keeps the sound of East Coast old school hip-hop alive, and although they haven't released a full-length in their own name since last year's "Soundsational", Audessey just released the physical copies of his collaboration with French producer A Kat Called Fritz - in fact one of the strongest albums of 2014. At the same time Ox the Architect, or Oxygen as he is perhaps more commonly known these days, has released a plethora of limited 7" singles. This new solo single "Code Red" with Oxygen is lifted from DannySpice & TheWildstyleTributeBand "Live At The Throwdown" EP - a love for classic old school wildstyle New York bop. The EP also features fellow Soundsci member Audessey, Emskee, Finsta & Cappo, and Mr. Sadat X himself.  The project is available in both digital and a limited physical vinyl copy, that also features two exclusive instrumentals. So be sure to pre-order your copy while you still can! Head over to Crate Escaepe Record's Bandcamp.

[Album] MILANO CONSTANTINE - "The Believers"

Only a few days ago I posted the back cover of Milano's new mixtape from his mixtape which featured both newsongs and classics. Well, it turns out that this is actually the abum Milano recorded when he was signed with T-Ray on Beatdown Recordings which only resulted in the three track EP "Show 'Em" / "That's Milano" / "Morir Sorando" that was released in 2004, although the album was recorded in 2002 and featured a few older jams like the DJ Premier remix of "Where Ya At?"featuring Big Punisher. Thisgonna be a real interesting listen as I've always been a uge Milano fan and i never felt he got the proper props he deserved.

As I could only reveal the back cover with the tracklist and production credits when I first posted on it, it is now thanks to revealed that the title of the album is "The Wariors" by Milano Constantine, and not only that he got a hold of the entire album - How amazingis that?. Production by the usual D.I.T.C. co-horts, T-Ray, Molecules and Emile. A huge thanks to Robbie @ Unkut - you truly made my otherwise shitty day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Comp] PRHYME - ""Quality (The Prequel)""

I always felt that Royce Dav 5'9" is truly a master at his craft. an MC who continuiosuly worked with many of the fiinest the cutlrure has to offer. His superb writing, his impeccable flow and delivery and original voice is eveything a unique rapper needs. But then there's those super talented rhyme slingers who insist on producing or at least co-producing everything by themeselves, despite they barely not even being good at it - narcisisstic anyone? Ever since his first album(s) "Rock City" and "Rock City 2.0" and up to his latest albums he has constanly collaborated with some of the best producers in the fileld. Or how about fellow Motor City brethren J Dilla,  Young RJ, to KanYe West, Dr. Dre, Nottz, Statik Selekrah, Ayatollah (on the masterpiece "Life"), Ty Fyffe, Carlos Broady (the man responsible for some of BIG's illest joints and even produced the majority of perhaps Royce's finest album "Death is Certain")..But what's' the real true super emccee/prducer that's had at the very leas one beat on each Royce album is DJ Premier, a cheistry that's simpy out of this world.

Royce's stoytellling is jusg insane as proven the double track "On the Rin" / "Murderer" which it's truely cinematic verses that runs like a novel or a projector. "Street Hop" is actually quite a solid albm though it's by no means ´masterpiece. Folowing the Slaughterhouse album, the long-awaited "Success" and "Bad Meets Evil" LP:s, Royde was ready to take the world by storm. Following this Royce truly shook up the hip-hop world with semi-ocmercial/semi-muisic-video that presented an upcoming album called "PRHYME", fullty produced by DJ Premier and entirely using records from the deep crates of DJ and producer Adrian Yougnge. Really how involvef Younge will be in the process but I would love to see him at least co-produce a pair of cuts, Now how sick would that  be!

Back in 2011 I puttogether a 13 track compilation of DJ Premier produced Royce joints called "Bang It!!" (see artwork above) but since that ink is gone and dead since forever and there's been several new Royce/Preem bangers since then,  not to mention a full-lenght  album hitting stores this year. The brilliant of a PRHYME compilation came fom homie M-Phatik (a.k.a. Mal Moe who alwaysbring some great idea to THE LOST TAPES who I definitely see as one of my PNC on the site along with a few cohortd)). And last but definitey least I want to give a warm shout out to Gimantalon over at DJ Premier Blog for some of the rado rips I used and boorrowed, the remaining songs were ripped from mu åersomaol CD collectoion! Keep ip the god work Gim.... And not it's time for some Magnificent pRHYME and I dare you not to listen to this from tont to bsvl2

01. P-RHYME - "Intro"
02. P-RHYME¨- "Coirtesy"¨
03. P-RHYME . "Hood Love" (Ft. Bun B & Joell Ortiz)
04. P-RHYME - "Boom" [12"Mix]
05. P-RHYME - "Ding!"'
06.P-RHYME - "Hir Em!"
07. P-RHYME - "Gorilla Pimp"
10. P-RHYME - "Second Place"
11. P-RHYME .- "Shake That" 
12. P.RHYME - "My Friend"
13. P-RHYME - "Play It II" (Ft. Termanology, Big Shug & Singapoe)
14. P-RHYME - "Something 2 Riide 2" (Ft. Phonté)
15. P-RHYME - "Loose Rap" (Outro)

STALLEY Ftl. DE LA SOUL - "Navajo Rugs"

Lots of illl new hip-hop today, both from veteran emcees amd prdoducers and it's all good. Stalley is a member of Maybach Music Group which isn't exactly the stuff youu´usually find on The Lost Taoes.  Hoever, the album closer"Navajo Rugs" is a reao warm hip-hop jointsthat's certain to get your eads nod, and both Posdnous and Dve bring their A-game. Most tracks on Stappey¨'s "Oho" debut s produced by Rashad, a beat maker that definitely sounf ptomidinh. The Muyback Music guests not so much;; Nispey Hustle, Rick Ross,, ans Ty Dolla Sign. At least there's one dope track, and I gotta give credit where credit is due to Stalley for payiing homage to the legendsls. Few can do it liek De La Soul, and still to this day they  out on a killer live shoe!''

STALLEY / DE LA SOUL - "Navajo Rug"

[EP] The 178:ers (yU & SlimKat) - P.O:.T. EP ('Acr t 1, 2, 3)

With Diamond District's sophomore album "March On Washington" just released, it simply doesn't stop here as I'm sure it won't take lon until Oddisee got a new project and now most recently the grup of yU and produer SlimKar's duo The 1978ers aned they just dropped a tree three tap EP on Mello Music Group on some real smooth shit. We all know yU is a real talented emcee but for me the real star of the show is SlimKid; I first heard him on "Off the Late Night" and was absolutely blown away by the heartfelt soul. By far one of my faves on that record, which is saying a lot considering Mr. Oddisee was the main producer of that album. Let's hope for a full The 1978:ers album on MMG in the furure but for now I'm happy with this EP - but who knows maybe I'll do a Lost Tapes compilation!

Kris Flava Ft. Sadat X, Sean Born, Mo The General, Rich Orsborne & Norm Bates - "Podgies Remix"

Kris Flava is a new prodcer represemting the UIKkscene; last month he dropped the '90s flava "Pordgies" and wih it's deep bass ine, jazz vibes, turntables amd polyrhyhm rhyme patterns this could be a beat sraight from Brand Nubian's "In n God We Trust"and " Everything is Everything"especially with the extended Sadat X vocal saple from the Brand Nu masterpiece "Pumks Jump Up to Get Beat Down (Video Remix)¨

[DJ Mix] DJ SPINNA - "Jazz Attitudes Special Mix"

If you know me, then you are well aware that I'm not only a hip-hop - well hip-hop is my #1, but I absolutely love jazz music in almost all its forms, Soul/R&B (you know Beyonce, Rhianna, Kanye West on his 808s, and all that good shit... Or hell no, I'm talking Marvin Gaye, The Delphonics, etc.) and of course '70s funk (like Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament and Funkadelic, etc.) But I gotta say jazz and hip-hop is the thing that's getting the most spin on my turntables. And of course DJ Spinna is both a favorite DJ and producer so this exclusive Jazz set he put together on the Summer Madness 2 festival this September 4. Spinna is a master DJ on basically every genre, and here he lets agressive syncopated rhythms, vibes, a plethora of horns, both electric and stand-up bass and of course beautiful piano makes for an evening that I'm sure was unforgettable to those we were there. And for thsoe of us who wasn't, I strongly recommend checking this out - even if you're not a jazz fanatic like myself it's a very good chance you really gonna dig this - stream it below or click this direct link! TURN IT UP FELLAS!

J-LIVE - "I Am A Man (American Justice)"

J-Live on of the best, smartest and politically correct emcees in this hip-hop field of ours brings out his latest single "I'm A Man (American Justice)" and it's an absolute beast which is an open letter to abusive pigs. Some of my favorite lines right here (though the entire song is full of gems): "We're blacks and ya'll cops, no apologies/ But apologists say not all police.... Shhhh/ Please, when you're treated less like a human by a beast, it doesn't matter/ It's the whole beast or nothing but the beast/ If it's systematic, pandemic and you don't even have the decency to condemn it? God dammnit". Produced and mixed by J-Live, you can purchase the single (with instrumental, main and clean). Now if only radio would have the guts to play this type of music but of course they don't want the people catch any conscious messages. Let's hope we'll get a new J-Live album soon enough; I loved "S.P.T.A." and "Around the Sun" definitely had it's moments (though I think a short album like that should be at least 75% ridciolously dope - lke the be best songs on "The Best Part" or "All Of The Above" . Oh Well, J-Live is always the fucking man!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[video BLACK MILK - "What It's Worth2

Detroitit producer mastermind Black Milk released yet another superb album this year with "If There's A Hell Below", a true true school offering with tasty samples and crisp drums with guest verses from the likes of Random Axe (Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk) and a southern anthem featuring Bun B and Trill One. While I prefered his previous a lbum some this iis still definitely woth the money- The vinyl and CD is already sold our @Bandcamp so you can still purchase the digital copy if you want to support. Check out the video for "What I's Worth" up top and stream the entire album below.

[Mixtape] PETE ROCK vs. NAS - "Time is Illmatic"

Wow this is just HUGE! In honor of the great documentary "Time is Illmatic", the one and only DJ Pete Rock is bringing out a classic '90s style mixtape of the nr. 1 classic hip-hop LP ever releaed.  Man these lyrics and beats is about as timeless and hard you can possibl get. And ever sincee 1994 till now you can play them again and again and this is on oof those albums you play from front-to-ack - otherwise SHAME on you! Pete mixes the oriinal songs, with short musical interludes, the Q-Tip remox of "The World is Yours", and there's pretty much shout outs from qll producers involvd in the oriiginal session. This is just carazy, so don't sleep Props to pete Rock, Nas and XXL Magazine vor this gem - So whateer tou do don't sleep! (Direct lik)

TRAGEDY KHADAFI - "Free Thinkers"

This was released aa couple of days but it's never too late to post a new song by one of the greatest emcees of all time. The singlei called "Free Thners 2" and is produced by one of my currenyly favorites The Audike Docor, so that can hardky go wrong. In fact this is the first single from Tragedy Khadafi's  new album "Free Thinkers 2", let's hope the album is as dope as this all the way - definite purchase! November 24 is the set daye!